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I bought this laptop for my wife since she wants to go back to school in the fall. I have a HP Spectre…I can’t remember the exact model but it was pretty top of the line when it came out in 2013/14. This two-in-one though…it is seriously awesome. It’s fast, smooth and beautiful. We’ve only had it for a few days but everything is performing as expected so we are extremely happy so far!
Excellent Laptop, looks and works great….

Gave it four out of five. I’m a little disappointed looks like a great deal on the surface but what’s included in the package
Leaves much to be desired. First off you do get a brand new tab a 9.7. the 32 gig SD card, cleaning cloth and solution is a nice touch but in my opinion that’s where it stops. The included case is as cheap as it gets. generic dollar store head phones and stylus pens don’t amount to much when you compare to the s- pen.
If i were to check around a bit more like I should have it could have gotten a key board case ,table , SD card and screen protector for about 20 bucks less.
Oh well at least I didn’t have to pay taxes on it.
Fits my son perfectly and he really enjoys the shirt. It also matches mine.

There were a few minor issues with instability of the crapware that comes preinstalled on the machine. Once it was removed I had no problems. Also, make sure you disable the touchpad while playing games. I was spinning like a bad LSD trip in BF4 before I figured out the problem.

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Great computer for internet and school work

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This laptop is fast and affordable. The price to performance ratio cannot be beat.

Finally, the case is a fingerprint magnet, but looks sexy. This laptop will make you look cool at Starbucks.

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Nearly new product with fast shipping. I love it!!



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Very satisfied with this laptop. Syncs perfectly with my desktop computer. But it does get very, very hot.

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