iphone 6 dustproof case, 2-Pack,moen kitchen sprayer replacement, Jumbo, White,Tailor Fit Downaire Fiberfill Zippered Pillow Enhancers

awesome, works like a champ

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Daughter loves it for college !!!!
My first personal Apple computer and this particular notebook has made it a VERY positive experience. For one thing, despite choosing only the free standard shipping option, I received it in two days rather than the ~one week estimated by Amazon (probably thanks more to the seller I chose than anything – I’d swear by Double Dex Macbooks! But beyond that, the computer itself has been a revelation for me, coming from a history as a former die-hard Windows PC gamer. Even back when I played a lot of games, I had to admit that Windows really had no other advantages for a relatively casual computer user like me, and now that I’ve spent a week with a MacBook, I can safely say that was 100% accurate. The sheer lack of hassle compared to a new Windows computer is mind-boggling. All I had to do was turn the thing on, and it was ready to go, with some appreciably beefed-up hardware that has this thing running smooth as silk even with the most recent OS X (which also installed mind-bogglingly smoothly). It’s sleek, it’s fun to use, and I’m officially a convert to OS X thanks to this notebook. Highly recommend!

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85 hundredths-pounds

Is Autographed

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1330 hundredths-inches


1110 hundredths-inches

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300-thread count 60% cotton/40% polyester dobby face fabric is amazingly smooth with a sateen finish and decorative silver cording


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These were a really good quality. Ordered 2 sizes and they’re great. They washed nicely too. Didn’t seem to shrink. Very pleased.




Good quality, washes well. Has held up to severa beach and pool trips
So far This is one of the best computers I have ever own, Super fast! runs smooth, arrived on time and well protected. Great Service!!


Filled with a generous 8-ounces of blown down alternative fiberfill gives your pillow a true down pke feel; Great to take with when travepng

Makes your old pillows feel new again or your new pillows even better; Allows you to customize your pillows to your own sleep preferences





200 hundredths-inches


Tailor Fit
Perfect Fit
510 hundredths-inches


Love it, small enough to be super portable & inconspicuous, but big enough to see well & be super useful. Might be my best tech purchase yet…I love it that much

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2800 hundredths-inches

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Item Dimensions – Height

Perfect Fit

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Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit


Bought these for my no longer husky 12 year old son who is slimming down and getting taller because he needed a solid black sweat pants for a hip hop dance recital. I would still say he’s shorter than his peers so I was expecting the Large size to be too large and too long however they fit him almost too well, meaning he may not get more than a year’s worth of wear from them before he outgrows them. Nice additions to any pair of sweats are pockets and drawstrings and these have both. These don’t seem too thick or heavy so they can be worn on warmer days in late spring/early summer.

Easy-care instructions machine-wash in cold water with your regular detergent; Tumble dry low; Includes a two-year manufactures guarantee

2000 hundredths-inches

A hidden zipper opening allows for total encasement of the pillows and makes for easy removal for washing

I ordered a medium , which is the size my son wears in all his other clothing, even another set of layering set that’s a different brand. They are so unbelievably small they fit my kindergartener!! I’m keeping them because they fit my youngest, but their sizing is extremely off.
A great companion to my 34 inch curved HP monitor. Enjoying every minute and hours of daily use.

155 hundredths-pounds

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