selling beauty products on amazon,all in desktop,OMNIFilter RS2-DS3-S06 Standard Cartridge

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It feels powerful and light at the same time, and the times of those super heavy computers have passed !!!
Fingerprint, well-distributed keyboard, excellent features.
I love


Dell OptiPlex 990 USFF Desktop Quad Core i5-2400s 2.50 GHz 4 GB RAM…

440 hundredths-inches


980 hundredths-inches




Can be used on chlorinated or non-chlorinated water

Designed for fine sediment filtration for the whole house

230 hundredths-inches


Whole house replacement string wound cartridge made from durable polypropylene string

Fits OMNIFilter OB1, OB5, U25, U30 whole house filter housings and other major brands pke 3M, American Plumber, Aqua Pure, Culpgan, Cuno, DuPont, GE, Pentek, Watts, Whirlpool and others

These shirts are great. They fit perfectly and are great quality. I will definitely buy again in the future.

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230 hundredths-inches


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HP Compaq DC5850 AMD Sempron 2200 MHz 1 Terabyte Serial ATA HDD 8192mb…

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100 LBS x 0.02 LBS Optima Scale OP-915 NTEP IP 65 Mild Steel Bench…

Home Improvement


1200 hundredths-pounds

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230 hundredths-inches
990 hundredths-inches


Not worth the trouble. Bought this in June of 2016, and by June of 2017 already wasn’t working. Always used Samsung charger and suddenly wouldnt hold a charge. Was told it could be the charger, so I replaced it but to no avail. Next, Samsung told me I was 2-3 weeks past warranty so they couldn’t do anything about but direct me to their help forum and offer to fix it for cost. They suggested battery replacement, which I bought, battery worked when installed but then wouldn’t charge. Now, thinking it could be loose charging port. Such a ridiculous amount of problems for a product that only gets light use around the house. Used to love Samsung products, but finding lately quality to be lacking. I love idea of expandable storage but at this point, not worth it. I have almost spent as much in fixes as I did on tablet originally. Disappointed in product and even more so in Samsung’s knowledge of this battery problem and unwillingness to do anything about it.

This "certified" refurbished tablet lasted less than a few hours of use, just enough time for me to get it setup and to transfer all my files and data from my old tablet using Samsung Smart Switch. The first day of real use it started out fine, but then would not wake when I later opened the cover. It would not respond to presses of the power button or home button. When I plugged it into power, it woke and I was able to use it again, but next time it flat out would not display the screen no matter what I did. I even tried the power off and "hard reset" procedures, nothing, won’t even show the battery charging image when plugged in. The only response the device ever gave was to momentarily light up the task manager and back buttons, but that is it. Roll the dice or spend only $40 more to get a brand new Tab S2 right here on Amazon (less the cover), which is what I did. This unit is going back for a refund. Whatever the "certification" process is for these defective units is, it obviously needs some more work as mine is still defective.

Reduces sediment, sand, dirt and rust particles to 5 microns

Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop WEBCAM – HDMI – i5 2.5ghz – 3GB DDR3 -…

75 hundredths-pounds
Tools & Home Improvement

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