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immediately downloaded the windows 10 install files from lenovo and upgraded from the downgrade 🙂
came with 3 DP ports which I only expected two. Also I didn’t think that it had wifi but it does… yeah! Just using this as a head for a remote desktop app so it is probably over powered for that. Seemed a little slower than I expected from the specs but probably won’t matter for me. Awesome form factor, very cool unit.
I’ve always been a fan of Windows but increasingly I’ve become disillusioned with Windows lack of privacy, vulnerability and incessant security theater surrounding it. Each week brings another stack of exploits for Windows in a never ending floor, week after week. These days the threats have become so advanced that simply visiting a website can cause kernal level exploits under Windows. To be honest, the only real reason a general consumer should run Windows is if you are a gamer – you have little choice in gaming. Everyone else should really be migrating to ChromeOS as soon as possible.

I ordered 3 of these to migrate the household notebooks to ChromeOS after doing extensive research. Part of the reason is ChromeOS has matured into a fine operating system these days and comes native with Googleplay greatly expanding your menu of choices. Second, for security ChromeOS is second to none, it’s a secured operating system based on the Gentoo Linux Distro and latest Kernals. It’s virtually impenetrable to malware of every type. I’m happy to report that even the most technical/geek type person will now find ChromeOS to be a fully fleshed out OS in most cases.

As to this device in particular, it was my choice because of a variety of reasons. The primary reason is I will not run Intel chips due to the Meltdown and Spectre exploits and known Intel Backdoors. This uses a heterogeneous ARM chip and by design is much more secure than Intel. This notebook also met ALL of my conditions.

Overall it’s a fantastic device and perhaps the best Sub-$500 Chromebook in the world. It’s not the lightest being full Aluminum but probably the coolest running since Aluminum is superior in heat-bleed. It’s also probably one of the more durable units out there. Out of the 3 I purchased I am returning one because the touchpad doesn’t feel like it was seated correctly from the factory. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t have 2 other ones to compare it to. But since it is ‘obviously’ different than the other 2 I am going to assume it’s a defect and get it replaced while under the return policy.

Screen wise this has a GREAT screen. Colors are ‘warm’ like Samsung OLED’s (even warmer) but I often prefer warm screens over the cold white ones you find elsewhere. It’s easier on the eyes and colors look amazing. I recommend using this on full bright, anything less and I feel the contrast becomes slightly washed out. Not bad, but it looks fabulous on max-brightness.

For older folks like me (50+, LOL) you will find 1920×1080 to make everything TINY. Since this is the native resolution you will want to run at 1920×1080. So the solution is to go into the accessibility settings and ‘boost’ the size of text and objects while retaining the 1920×1080. ChromeOS does it right in this respect and you have MANY options for improving the way the screen is displayed – which is fantastic.

GREAT Chromebook, if not the best Sub-$500+ unit in the world.

Luckily ordered these “too big” after reading reviews. My son is going to be 7 and is a bean pole. Medium fit him great. Package says for sizes 8-10, though. Glad I read reviews first as the small would have been too small.

Package Quantity


Is Autographed

Funny Guy Mugs
Love these jammies! Light weight, snug fit, but fabric is stretchy. Great for warm/hot weather. Will definitely buy these again as my kid grows.


690 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Width

700 hundredths-inches
Funny Guy Mugs





I’ve probably had 6 Android tablets so far, and while I’ve been happy with most of them, this is definitely a tablet in a league by itself. Sure, it’s expensive, but no more so than the latest iPad, and with Amazon’s 12 month, interest free financing offer on their store credit card, I decided to go for it. I’m glad I did.

The size, resolution, clarity, touch and functionality of this tablet is on a new level from my previous tablets. Everyone who uses this tablet remarks at how nice it is to have a larger screen and how sharp the screen is. The screen is well lit and easy to read, even at 50% brightness and with a matte screen protector on it. And the touch sensitivity is also excellent with the screen protector installed.

I certainly haven’t explored all the options this tablet provides, but I intend to do so. So far, it has met and/or exceeded all my needs. I thought about going with the Note Pro 12.2, but I didn’t think I’d get enough use out of the stylus to justify the $100 higher price. Your mileage may (and probably will) vary.

Some other reviewers have mentioned a bit of lag under certain conditions. The only kind of lag I’ve experienced has been very occasional and brief, when I’m swyping away madly on the virtual keyboard. Once in a while the tablet takes a second or so to catch up, and while that can be a bit disorienting, it’s not bad and it’s not very often. I have zero problems with my Bluetooth keyboard when I use it, and I do swype very quickly and somewhat inaccurately, so the occasional lag may be partially or completely attributable to my keyboarding style. (For those of you who are fast, hunt-and-peck typists, you may find that swyping is very well matched to your typing style, as I do.)

I haven’t yet tried the multi-tasking functionality, so I can’t speak to that.

After my adventures and experiments with various inexpensive Chinese brand Android tablets (x4), a Nook 7" and a Nook 9", I’ve come to the conclusion that, at least in this area, you do get what you pay for. The quality I experience in the feel and use of this tablet justifies its high price, at least for me, because I strongly suspect I’ll be using it for a long, long time. Between this tablet, the Moko Slim-Fit case I bought for it, my Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard (pairs easy and stays paired), and the 64GB SanDisk Class 10 microSD card I added, I’m set for just about anything I need in mobile computing. I still keep and occasionally use my Acer 1551 netbook, but more and more, this tablet is my go-to, do-almost-anything mobile computing device. (Haven’t figured out how or if I can program my range extender with it yet, but I’m still trying.)

The pleasure of using a quality device like this will easily outlast the initial sticker shock. Go for it!

Funny Guy Mugs

Funny Guy Mugs

UNIQUE APRON: You’re Not Plain, Your Apron Shouldn’t Be Either. This Apron Allows Your Character To Be Heard Without Saying A Word.

Yet Despite the Look on My Face
Good quality!



Funny Guy Mugs





Package Dimensions – Length

This computer is probably the perfect computer. Especially for its price. 2 usb 3.0 ports work great with my 3.0 hard drives. The hard drive itself has an incredible capacity. I use the third usb 2.0 port for a mouse. Large screen, great picture. The outside is sleek black. It’s incredibly fast and meets all of my a/v and gaming demands.The HDMI port is a great plus too.

Package Dimensions – Weight

Part Number


One Size
30 hundredths-pounds


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100 hundredths-inches

List Price

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Purchase This Apron With Confidence Knowing This Official Funny Guy Mugs Creation Was Created To Last & Put A Smile On Your Face.


CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: Perfect In the Kitchen, Garden, Bistro, On The Grill, Painting & At The Craft Table. Features 2 Large Convenient Pockets Great For Holding Grill Spices, Recipe Cards, Spatula, Tongs, Meat Thermometer And More.

Yet Despite the Look on My Face

Package Dimensions – Height


I got this cute elephant clothing set for my nephew since the elephant is one of his favorite animals. The cotton material is very comfortable to wear, and it looks very cute on my nephew!

A STYLE FOR EVERY PERSONALITY: Looking For A Unique Present For Yourself Or For Someone Who Has Everything? Your Search Is Over, This Apron Is For YOU. Perfect For Barbecuing, Cooking, Baking And Grilpng. Makes A Great Idea For Chefs, Artists, Crafters, Gardeners And Painters.

COMFORT: More To This Apron Than Just Good Looks. They Feature An Adjustable Neck Allowing You To Control The Best Fit. Lightweight And Breathable For Those Hot Days On The Grill Or In The Kitchen.


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