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2017 Dell Business Flagship Laptop PC 17.3″ HD+ WLED-backlit Display…
I would actually give this 4.5 stars. I can’t give it 5 because it is not perfect. I spent 4 months doing research, reading, and watching tons of reviews. I had tried to find reviews that were not biased one way or the other towards Apple or Samsung. The other tablet I was considering was an IPad Air. If you read a review from a magazine that gets big advertising dollars from either of these guys who are they going to choose? I am familiar with Apple as I own a MacBook Pro, an Ipod touch 5th generation, Apple Tv too, and used to use an IPhone. I have several Android tablets and a Window 8 tablet too.

Which tablet you buy really depends on what you want to use it for. The IPad Air is a nice tablet. It has a great display, it is fast, and thin. Apple apps run very fluid. Apple has an advantage here since they are the only company who makes their tablet they can more easily optimize the software to hardware. Also developers often design apps with ios in mind first but that is changing. I have noticed that a lot of my ios apps run smoother than the same ones on Android but that gap has really closed. An IPad is easier to learn than Android. If you are looking for something to watch videos, browse the Internet, and check emails it is great. It comes preloaded with Iworks now so you can get a little work done too.

Now for the note which is the one I ultimately bought. I wanted something that I could take notes with and do simple photo edits with. There is more of a learning curve with using the note but it is worth it. The pen is a great feature. It is great for note taking, drawing, and comes in handy for photo edits too. I have the 32 gb version with a 64 gb micro sd card installed. This is not an option with an IPad. Samsung let’s you store apps on the card too. I loaded photos onto the tablet with a card reader, did some minor edits, transferred the pics to the external sd card and then copied them to a usb flash drive. You can not do that with an iPad. Wacom does make a Bluetooth pen for the iPad that works fairly well but not nearly as well as the one on the note. Plus it cost around $100. A big complaint of the note is there is lag when going from one app to another. It has not been a big deal for me most of the lag is due to the Touchwiz interface that Samsung uses. However you can make some adjustments like disabling animations or you use a different app launcher like Nova, Apex, or Action which are very straightforward and fast and most of your lag issues will go away. I didn’t see that much lag on Touchwiz to be honest but Samsung is trying to do a lot of things with it and a lot of programs run in the background that take up ram. When I loaded another launcher the speed did improve. I really love the things I am able to do with this thing. You have a lot more freedom using the note vs. an Ipad. Apple IOS is going to be more consistent because Apple is the only company that uses it. Many companies use Android and they all add there own touches to it that is going make Android less consistent from device to device.

It came down to features for the money. I don’t like the Apple gouge factor. $100 for each increment of storage with no option to add any on your own. A 64 gb card is $37 on Amazon and when they fill up you can just get another one. I pads will not recognize flash drives and will not let you transfer data to a flash drive or sd card. You can view photos with a card reader but that is all. $100 more for the Bluetooth Wacom pen when a better one is included on the note. Apple charges a premium price for their tablet and doesn’t even offer a camera with a flash. Then there is the planned obsolescence. I experienced this with my Iphone after 2 years there were a lot of apps that would not run on it. On my MacBook I loaded programs on it and then upgraded to the next os and they no longer worked. I would get messages that power dvd programs were not longer supported. I had to look for updates or redownload programs through the app store. People using the first iPad can’t use many of the current apps from the app store. My wife has an Asus transformer several years old that has no problems running most apps. It has been my experience that Apple designs products according to what they think is best for me. For example Apple thinks that I don’t need flash so they pretty much ended support for it on many products. They decided I didn’t need an optical drive anymore (my MacBook was the last one with a dvd drive included). Of course I can purchase additional storage in ICloud or buy an external drive. Samsung tries to listen to their customers and design products that give them every feature that they want. Maybe even too much so. If there was a tablet made in the U.S. I would buy it. At least Samsung does 90% of there work in South Korea rather than shipping 90% of their manufacturing to China and calling themselves an American company. I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro I didn’t include it in this review because it is in a different price category and runs a full desktop operating system so I didn’t want to compare it with the other two. The Dell can run full desktop apps including Itunes, runs flash,intergrates with office well, and offers many different storage options. The pen is far better on the note and both IOS and Android apps are better than Metro apps. Prices on windows tablets are coming down but they are still a little high.


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Lenovo Thinkpad T470s Intel Core i7-7600U 14″ WQHD (2560×1440) Windows…
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Toshiba Portege A30-C1340 13.3″ Notebook, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Intel…
use in my classroom great for scheduling


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Good quality fabric , good print;
Love the length of shorts and the fact the print on the shorts doesn’t look awkward like some other of Maue versions of it , kids looking forward to play out the scenes from Moana movie ?

I ordered a 4T for my son who is in between a 3/4T and the pants were too big. I think if he was in a 4T for everything they would fit pretty good, but they are very long. The quality of the pants is so much better than I expected! They are just as nice as the $30 j.crew pants I almost bought, maybe even better. Great for a wedding.

5.5 inches

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easy to install , fast and freindly

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