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1 star rating here is purely for warranty reasons. The site where I purchased it – Laptop Deals and More use FALSE ADVERTIZEMENT when they post 3 years on the product page: "Warranty, Labor: 3-year Lenovo Depot warranty (parts and labor)".

That it simply a lie. Upon arrival I checked the warranty on the app provided on the laptop, and it shows 1 year. I then called Lenovo and they told me literally this: "Only laptops purchased via Lenovo site directly carry 3 years warranty. Resellers only sell with 1 year warranty. If you want three years you MUST PURCHASE EXTENDED warranty". Needless to say, that’s quiet a chunk of money.

Want to say a good word about Amazon people. I called with the complaint and they offered me 100% refund based on obvious misinformation by the seller, despite the fact that I was not eligible for 100% refund based on the sales conditions (everything was working and the laptop is obviously not in resellable condition anymore).

So this post is a warning for other purchasers: confirm the warranty before you buy.

And here is my impressions of the laptop: it is every bit as good as other people are saying. I’ve used it for about a week, and besides a pretty basic screen and so-so trackpad (both about 50 years behind of MackBook standards), it works very nicely. I really like fingerprint sensor and the Leno software that comes with it. It’s dead silent, featherweight and the keyboard is surprisingly good. I don’t like the poor viewing angles of the display, it loses contrast pretty quickly when tilted, the contrast of black font on white background is just very mediocre. it’s OK for work, but in today’s age I expected better. Sounds is so-so too, but I didn’t expect a symphony from a business ultrabook at this price point. Overall I love the machine and only wish it was built as it is – but in 15’6 form factor. Battery life is about 5 hours with realistic use (I’m a programmer), which is totally OK with me.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 12.3″ – 128GB – Intel Core m3 – Bundle with…

Almost 6 pounds the thing is a bit heavy. But I don’t carry mine much so I don’t mind. Quiet fan, doesn’t get too hot. Screen tilts back to be completely flat and sometimes you want to completely bend over your keyboard to see the screen so that’s cool. Or maybe you need to show a friend a YouTube video and he doesn’t want to walk around and stand behind you, good thing the screen goes flat. Great port options for the working businessman. Track pad responds well. HDMI and VGA so you have got some options. 3 USB 3.0s (supposedly) I’m thinking 1 of those and 2 USB 2.0s. Webcam so you can Skype your mom. I think Dell loaded too much of their own crap on there. No preloaded office suite. Anyhow, I’m happy with the computer. You might like it too.

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Asus S400ca-bsi3t12 Ultrabook 14″ Touch-screen Laptop I3 1.8ghz 4gb…

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Simply Charmed


I bought the laptop from Dell but if you are looking at buying it here let me tell you. It’s a good laptop. The whole thing is built solid and rugged. Keys are delightful to press. They don’t “click” or stick. They “punch” it’s like you know that you pressed a key and you know you pressed the right key. They fit a full number pad on there which I really like. It also has one of those old school middle of the keyboard “nubs” which I find pleasant to use at random times. It’s just cool that it’s on there. They say the keyboard is spill resistant. I bet you I could make a cup of coffee shut this thing down…. Although it does have a bit less empty space between keys, things can still get down in. But its better than most keyboards.

I bought 3 of these for my office. We’ve been really happy with them.

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Red white and blue
This computer is very fast. I’m running xplane 11 with 28 to 30 fps. Minimum however. I will be adding additional ddr4 ram xplane eats ram up. I have 16 going to 32


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Excellent machine, nice purchase.

Great laptop. it’s tooba it bad i don’t really use the tablet feature on it as much as i thought i would. Touch screen i great… too bad it cant use the usb-c port to charge though.. would’ve been a nice addition

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