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I’m am usually a small in adults so I orders a large and it fit me just about right

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They look great. I’ll adjust the review if the designs start cracking or coming off, but so far they’ve washed well. However, they do shrink. My son fits about a size 7 shirt perfectly, but I was looking to get some shirts for him to grow into. I ordered a large (10) of the 4 pack, and they shrank down to about a size 8, so keep that in mind when you order them. I will say, they looked ENORMOUS when I pulled them out of the package. I was really shocked, but after they were washed and dried I’m satisfied with the fit.
This system works great as a pfsense machine, but one major annoyance I encountered while initially installing pfsense: the video signal is 1080p, even in the BIOS(!). So if you don’t have at least a 1920×1080 display handy, you will have a hard time setting up the system and booting to USB to install an OS. Why the BIOS would require such a high resolution is beyond me, as it’s just the typical “legacy” text-only kind of BIOS. There are a few options that appear to be related to the BIOS/boot resolution, but changing them did not help at all. Since there is no manual (or any documentation at all — not even a leaflet or pamphlet) that comes with the system or is available on the Qotom website, it’s hard to know what all of the BIOS options do exactly.

My son just grew out of a pair of size 16, black Gioberti dress pants. He’s had them for at least two years and has worn them at least once a week, laundering them between wearings. They wash up beautifully and never showed signs of wear. The fabric is beautiful and comfortable and they always looked so sharp! So I didn’t look anywhere else when it was time to go up a size. These Gioberti dress pants fit my tall and thin son perfectly. I have nothing but good things to say about these pants!
Super happy with my purchase! Shipped fast and was above my expectations! Thank you

Other than those issues, the machine has been running pfsense just fine. As mentioned by others, the physical ports and the pfsense/FreeBSD network interface names do not align. However, once you figure out the mapping (you can actually blink the LEDs for each port in the BIOS setup), naming the interfaces in pfsense makes things easier to reason about.

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Quality seems ok but did not fit based off size chart.

I bought these for my five year old and they fit perfectly. They looked too big at first, but after washing them and trying them they were the perfect size. They’ve been worn for a few weeks and show no signs of aging so I think they’ll hold up for a while.

Another annoyance is that it appears the motherboard supports two serial ports but it’s not immediately clear which one in the BIOS corresponds with the exposed external serial port.

This computer is practically brand new, and runs all of the 3d modeling programs that I need with little to no lag whatsoever.


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