non slip bathroom rugs,8 by 8 carpet,Amerock BH26541BBZ Arrondi 6-7/16in(164mm) LGTH Towel Ring – Brushed Bronze/Golden Champagne

Towel Ring

ASUS ZenBook UX303UA 13.3-Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Touchscreen Laptop,…

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Arrondi Collection, on-trend, affordable quapty hardware.


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Brushed Bronze/Golden Champagne


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People are reviewing this thing way too harshly in terms of specs, camera, and other random features. This tablet is crazy responsive, has very little bloat ware, running the latest Android, has an microsd slot, the camera is decent, the speakers are tablet speakers, etc. It plays all of my apps with ease, has some cool customizable features, and seems pretty durable. For its price, this is an easy 5 star. It’s also like the first tablet on the market running Android 7 that’s under $150. Solid deal.
Brushed Bronze/Golden Champagne


790 hundredths-inches



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Finished in Brushed Bronze (Golden Champagne)

Amerock Corp




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Love it aside from it’s a bit see through otherwise it fits great and my kid look adorable in it

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I am so happy with my new Chromebook. I have used Windows computers for years. I still have a fairly new one. However I also had a laptop that had a failing hard drive. Was it worth replacing-unfortunately, no. I had to ask myself what I’ve mainly used my computers for. The internet. While I’m not (yet) ready to rely solely on my Chromebook I am very impressed with this model. It was super easy to set up right out of the box. It was 98% charged & ready to go. It was set up & online in less than 10 minutes. The screen size and view is better than my Toshiba Satellite was. The speakers sound great. The black keyboard against the white background makes it stand out. I have never cared for a touch pad until now. It’s amazingly smooth & precise. The only part is if you tap it to scroll down it jumps slightly, as in further down the page than what I wanted. However, I’m sure there’s a method for a smoother scroll. No doubt I will figure it out as I find myself going between a mouse & the touch pad (for the first time ever). I also love the security that it offers with browsing on the internet. Less chances of a virus-I’m in! It boots up super fast & is always up to date. So far the battery doubtfully makes it a full 9 hours until it needs to be charged but it already beats my former laptop on surfing unplugged. I was hesitant to buy this but it suits my needs & there are a lot of apps available. For the price & for what I mainly use it for it was a no brainer. This model was the best I’d found. I purchased a hub with extra usb slots & a thumb drive for extra storage should I need it. With so much going digital these days, especially with music & other media files I wasn’t too worried about what came with this Chromebook. If any future issues come up I will update my review. For now-I couldn’t be happier with this Chromebook make & model!


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This is my 4th Kindle Fire, I also have the first generation, an 8.9” HDX and the new 6”. The first thing that impresses is how thin and light this new model is, despite being the largest Fire to date. I love the more narrow, widescreen design of the screen, perfect for watching videos and reading books in portrait mode. Anyway, before I get carried away gushing, I’ll just list my pros and one or two cons, to make this easier to read and save time.


Wide screen design is perfect for videos and allows more text on a page for books.
The stereo speakers sound incredible, even better than the previous HDX model
For comic book readers; comics purchased from Amazon now utilize the active panel reading mode from Comixology. I was wondering when Amazon was going to incorporate this feature for their comics, finally!
Battery life seems to be similar to my 8.9” HDX, but I’m happy with that considering the larger screen and thinness of the device.
Considerably faster response time across the board.
Finally! We can add a micro SD card to expand storage capacity! Yay!
The camera takes photos that are much better quality than previous Fire


Would have preferred a rubberized back and case. The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet also.
Still deciding on the new software layout, maybe it’s because I’m so familiar with the old Fire OS, but let’s just say I’m not blown away be the design so far.

508 hundredths-inches

910 hundredths-inches

Lenovo H30 Desktop (90BJ0047US)
Was happy with the suit. Definitely not cheap looking and well stitched. The colour is a true charcoal grey. Not black at all but a nice deep colour. My son is 4 and a little on the tall/ thin size. Based on his measurements I was torn between the 4 and 5. Glad I went with the 5. The pants do not need to be hemmed. Perfect length. The arms of the jacket are perfect length as well. The waist of the pants is great which was surprising as a lot of things are too wide on him. The jacket and vest are a little wide but look good. The vest is not adjustable (con). We may go to a tailor to have that added. The white shirt that comes with it fit well except in the neck. It’s ridiculously small and my son is thin so that was surprising. But who cares, shirts are easily found and this one was a standard white shirt. The tie (which we didn’t need) is a nice bonus. It’s a zipper tie (had never seen one before). It works very well. Overall would recommend. He will a ring bearer in a wedding and this suit should work perfectly.

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300 hundredths-inches


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Its bad ass new well built



Perfect Addition to Any Bathroom

100 hundredths-pounds

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Amerock Corp

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638 hundredths-inches

Amerock Corp
213 hundredths-inches



Limited lifetime warranty

Good laptop/tablet indeed. I was surprised that it is even cheaper than Costco, and with the high-end screen. I am pleased with it.

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