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Item Dimensions – Length

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Never bought a laptop in my life. Built many desktop machines. Little expensive but to me it was worth the investment. Fast, reliable, great graphics. Does need a bigger secondary drive. That has been solved with a 1 TB drive. Added a 256 GB drive as the boot drive. Removed the old 256 an keeping it for a backup.

Excellent Refurbished Computer!

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One of the better PCs I have purchased. This one was for the grandson, a gamer, and he raves about it. Great machine and a great company.


Package Dimensions – Height


1063 hundredths-inches


Item Dimensions – Weight

60 hundredths-inches
Very fast laptop
720 hundredths-inches
I have nothing negative to say about this computer. Easy set up. Larger viewing area is great. Performance of this computer for streaming videos from Amazon and for Day trading is exceptional.

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79 hundredths-inches


827 hundredths-inches

This is very nicely made and looks great on the baby. I had it monogrammed, so it’s even cuter!

30 hundredths-pounds


1050 hundredths-inches



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Works perfectly and is fast with its SSD drive. Easy upgrade to Windows 10.

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The laptop is such a pretty color and its working great so far!

USE SAFETY – The most secure carving knife, no blade, the tip of the special processing and processing, pumpkin carving suit more secure than the kitchen knife.

RICH PICTORIAL – Contains 10 patterns, can make you easily carve a variety of patterns on the pumpkin, to provide you with great Halloween pumpkin carving ideas.

2016 Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W 2-in-1 15.6″ 4K Ultra HD…

STRONG DURABILITY – Pumpkin kits not just a one-time use, you can reuse it multiple times.

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Item Dimensions – Height

LUXURY SET – Our halloween pumpkin kit Includes 1 x pumpkin spoon, 2 x ghost saw, 10 x halloween stencils, 1 x poker, 1 x tracer.

MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-0051 (i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, NVIDIA…

WARNING – Our carving tools are safe and safe to use. It is important to note that children are required to use the tool under the supervision of their parents, even if our tools are safe for children.

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