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As for the laptop itself… it’s amazing! I’ve played some recent AAA games like Shadow of War on it on ALMOST the highest settings and had no issues. I run most of my games through the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and it really helps in finding the best graphics settings for the most optimal performance. I find that when you try to output to a 4K monitor the smoothness drops down quite a bit when you try to play at 4K settings, but when you play from the laptop itself it’s able to chew through high settings with ease.

Good table but is dated so does not have all the newer LTE channels.


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I recently got this item but have nothing but rave reviews. It is fast, light, and sleek. I will update review if anything changes but I really doubt that it would.

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I bought a Fire, but was unhappy that I had to purchase all the apps from the play store again. I have quite a few apps that are costly and would add up quickly. For $50 the Fire is a great deal, but I wanted a tablet that used the google ecosystem. This is a very nice tablet, well constructed, well thought out. Slim and comfortable to hold. It does what you expect a tablet to you and not for a lot of money. I am really happy with the purchase. I had to return another brand because it just didn’t work. This was to replace my nexus 7 that just died out of nowhere. This one is half the cost to boot. I don’t do anything that requires a lot of intensive cpu usage such as games, but it seems snappy enough. Screen looks good, apps are responsive, the cost is right.

Lenovo ThinkPad T530 239248U 15.6 LED Notebook Intel Core i7 i7-3520M…

The only thing that I wish was different is the fans. Once they get going they’re loud, like any other gaming laptop, but it’s actually the quieter setting that bothers me. When my laptop first boots up it’s on the “Quiet” setting and emits a loud whining noise. If you go into Smart Manager, select the “Quiet” setting again though this seems to fix the issue and it runs almost silently.

Dell Inspiron 15R i15RMT-4902sLV (5537) 15″ Moon Silver 4TH GENERATION…

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I purchased this laptop this past November and have had only one issue with it, which was actually an issue that I myself created. I couldn’t get the webcam to work! Turns out it’s managed through the SmartManager app and had been toggled off. Gigabyte was great in working with me to figure out the issue; fast response time, and best of all professional and kindly correspondence. I felt a bit silly that I had just been overlooking the solution, but was relieved I didn’t have to return a $2,000 laptop for such a small issue.

Bought size 14-16 for my 11 year old son based on reviews and fit guide. They fit and look great. Definitely need to size up by a lot. He is 5 foot and 95 lbs.
2018 Flagship HP 15.6 Inch Notebook Laptop Computer (Intel Core…

Overall, I would say that if you have around $2k to spend to spend on a laptop this is an excellent investment. (At the time of writing this the model that I bought is actually $100 cheaper than when I purchased it – $1.9k vs $2k.) It’s priced competitively in terms of specs, form factor, and performance, so I highly recommend this one! I do have a few things that I stated above that knock it down from a 5 to a 4 star rating for me, but don’t mistake that for my being dissatisfied with it! Worth every penny.


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Im not a gamer and Im a regular user, my previous laptop 2011 mac pro was great. My friend did a research thru powerful laptops and said this is the best one. We bought it together, he said its incredible and so happy about his laptop, he is definitely a gamer. I like design, looks great. battery life is really short. For me its more like powerful desktop computer with great look.

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Flex is minimal on the keyboard area, which helps in making it feel sturdy. Monitor flexes slightly when pushed from the left or right, but is somewhat negligible. Nonetheless I usually choose to lift from the center when opening the lid. Monitor resolution is fantastic even if I do wish that the refresh rate was higher. Monitor can be set to either 30 or 60Hz. Depending on whether you want a 4k resolution on a 15.6″ format you may be better off choosing a 1080p version with a higher refresh rate for a smoother overall performance. That being said, I have yet to have issues with this laptop in regards to smoothness of playback on anything from YouTube videos to lengthy gaming sessions.

If you’re big on tactile response of the keyboard and track pad, I think you’ll find the keyboard adequate but the track-pad lacking. The track pad is very squishy, and doesn’t give much back in terms of whether you’ve clicked or not. Thankfully you can also just tap to click so when I’m not using an external mouse this is usually how I use the track pad.

One final thing to consider: the power block is seriously beefy. It is genuinely enormous and is quite a bit bigger than any oother power block I’ve seen on a laptop. The laptop itself is not dainty, but consider that with it being a gaming laptop it’s not exactly the most power-efficient computer and that you will more than certainly need the power block with you when you take it anywhere. In my experience the battery can last anywhere from ~2.5 hours when using it only for video playback and document processing to as little as 45 minutes when gaming.

After a a good few days of use, this PC appears to be quite a beast. The PC came pre-assembled with packaging to protect the components. Everything was still in place and the cabling was fairly organized. It has taken everything I can throw at it and has yet to drop any frames on any game I play, on ultra settings. There are two basic LED fans as of now but it still did not get loud during gaming sessions. I have plans to add few more fans and replace the default CPU cooler with water cooler.

The keyboard and mouse are good for use and they look cool too. The keyboard is not backlit but still easy to get used to.

As far as performance goes, I am very happy!

The configuration I received was having 1TB drive and I had plans for adding another hard drive however there are no additional HDD drive mount sliders provided. Not having those is a HUGE inconvenience and puts a pretty huge road block on adding additional drives.

Even with the issue like the inability to add additional drives, I would recommend this rig especially at this price. If you do have additional drive needs and are going to buy this rig, prepare to spend a little more on a drive mounting hardware.

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