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+ Home Videos – The stock video player is OK and plays MOST home videos, however, may I suggest QQ Player, this is a free App from Playstore and it plays every home video I tried). Also MX Video Player is very good, however, I prefer QQ Player.

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Updated Review – July 10, 2015 (ONE YEARS of ownership): So I have found that this tablet CONTINUES to exceed all of my expectations and more! In July 2014, it dated OTA to Kit Kat 4.2.2 (Kernel version date June 17, 2014). Now this tablet is more up to date! As a proud owner of this tablet for TWO YEARS, I will say that it still works like new. No, it does not have Lollipop, but I am happy with the peppy performance of this tablet! So, if you are looking a high quality eight inch tablet, this may very well be the once for you! So below, I am listing the many Pros I personally have found while using this tablet:


Perfect for home

CON (Just ONE however, NOT the fault of Samsung):

I’ve found the 2HD IPS display to be a joy. While I don’t have another tablet to directly compare it to, the images are detailed, naturally vibrant and generally look excellent for watching media. Text is similarly clear and the size of the screen overall is reminiscent of a magazine folded over which is fantastic for reading articles in portrait mode. Brightness is very adjustable though the auto-dimmer tends to be on the dimmer side. I was hesitant to get a 10” tablet as I had been looking at 8” models (because they are easier to hold) but the larger screen changes the experience of android and definitely opens up some elbow room vs android on a phone.

I am so far happy with this Laptop, seems to run game like Skyrim and Dues Ex Mankind divided without any problems, only issue i am having is getting Itunes installed on it. I did get rid of a lot of what I felt were useless programs that come with it, I might install some more Ram but other than that, I am impressed with this laptop.






GOOD SERVICE ,GOOD DEVICE ….SWEET SPOT DEVICE TELL YOU THIS SHORT STORY ……This is how I know what these seeties can do! I set one on A radiator late one summer and forgot ….that winter when the heat came up I was about an hour and half in to it …when I SAW IT the slot where you see the on /off and batt read was RED. i TOOK IT OFF…It had not been in work mode. I let it lay on its sde ,in a cool place for a day . It work fine for three more years until the screen would cut out after start up …if I replace that it will still work.

My Yoga 3 Plus arrived with 50% charge. Using the supplied charger the initial charge-up took a little under 2 hours to get up to 100% capacity before the initial start up. While it charged for the first time I periodically checked in on the charge level and noticed that it charged fastest from 50% to about 80% and then it started to slow down until it was trickle chagrining from 95% on. This is the proper multi-stage method for charging lithium batteries to maximize their performance and lifespan so this was awesome to see. The battery easily lasts a day of constant use and multiple days of normal use. One annoying thing is that the Yoga 3 doesn’t recognize other chargers (like Anker) so it will not charge quickly without its supplied wall adapter. I also wish the ring around the power light pulsed while charging and stayed solid when full, but it is solid while charging and turns off when full.

The speakers are fantastic delivering clear and rich sound for music and video streaming and are easily loud enough to be watching a show on Netflix while working in the kitchen. The sound quality does begin to fall off after about 10 feet, so for anything outdoors you’ll likely still want to use a BT speaker.

+ Overall Speed And Performance and Android OS:
With the fast 1.5 GHz processor, I have found this to be a very fast tablet and for me, all has been running so smoothly on this tablet. Love that this tablet has 16GB Internal memory.
The Android OS (as of July 3, 2014) has 4.2.2 Kit Kat and inside it has Samsung TouchWiz overlay which is beautiful and user friendly. In fact, if you have used a Samsung Galaxy device as S2, S3, S4 or other Galaxy type, you will love the OS and the Samsung Touch Wiz interface on this. Perhaps you have never used Android OS or even a Samsung device? No worries, as this tablet is easy to learn in my opinion.



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+ EXTERNAL SLOT FOR MICRO SD CARD – It is said that you can add a 64gb SD card for personal files. In my case, I have a 32GB SD card and still have plenty of room after my songs, files and photos are added. (A 64 GB card has different formatting and I have not used this size, just the 32GB) About SD Cards: Keep in mind where External SD cards are concerned: They are JUST for your personal files: music, videos, photos, and other files. When you install apps from the Playstore or other sources, they store either in INTERNAL SD Card area or the main internal area. This is the law of the land where Android is concerned and ALL newer Android devices (including Samsung) work this way where storing your downloaded apps are concerned.

* Bottom line/My Suggestions to You: Would I buy this WiFi only model over again? Yes because this Tab 3 8.0 is lightweight, easy to hold in ONE HAND, and it just as easy to hold as the Tab 3 7 inch, yet has so much more screen real-estate than the Tab 3 7 inch and clarity etc, for just 90 dollars more, this is a MUCH BETTER BUY! And I have found because the screen is so crisp and clear, it reads internet pages CLEARER, Videos are larger and much clearer to see etc. And the 8 inch is so easy to pop into a briefcase, bag or purse etc than say a large 10 inch is…if you travel and want to go light, may I suggest this Tab 3 8.0 to you!
Also, since I am somewhat of a techie person, I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. Just ask in the comment section and I will answer promptly.


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Fast shipping great product. Looks great with the Zippo I’m giving for graduation. Great Price too. Thanks Great but, and quality.




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The hinge and outer rim of the tablet are made of aluminum, the face is glass, the back is faux leather, and the speaker front and area behind the stand are plastic. All of the normally touched surfaces feel nice and premium and not slippery. The only real downside in the feel of the tablet is that the stand feels sharp and indeed it sounds terrible when sliding the tablet across a table, I’m careful around wooden table tops with this thing. The absence of a finger print reader is also sorely felt and the oversized power button can be a little too easy to bump while playing certain games where you’re supposed to use your left thumb to control movement.

+ Kindle App – I installed the Kindle App and synced my Kindle books. Began to read a new book and was very impressed with how exceptional the book rendered using this Tab 3 8.0. Very impressed as the text was very crisp and clear.

This is a nice looking lighter. The hand Fell off the very first day. The seller did a good job with responding and requested pictures. He suggested we try super glue or send it to Zippo under warranty. I’ll give it a try because it’s a neat little lighter. I’m just disappointed that a brand new Zippo brand lighter already needs repairs.

Fully pcensed



100 hundredths-pounds
I ordered a 2t for my son and its roomy. Not too big, just roomy. If your child is between sizes I would recommend to size down. Material is perfect for summer, nice and light. It’s super cute and I am very happy.


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I have found a lot of the reviews for this tablet to be out of date. The tablet shipped to me was pre-loaded with Android 6.0 but I was able to update it to Android 7 immediately. What I ended up with was a pretty stock version of android which I appreciated for its lack of bloatware (I would actually consider the number of pre installed Google apps to be the biggest offender here). I did not experience any kind of battery drain, start up issues, or screen flickering with the unit I received. With the update to Android 7 I was able to utilize my 128GB MicroSD card as “internal” storage immediately. Since I don’t plan on hot-swapping the card this means my Yoga has an effective 160GB of storage. So with that, let’s dive into the review.

Apple iMac MK142LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

*** Update ***
A few more niggles after spending more time with the tablet.
– I find that it needs to be restarted more often than an Android phone – about once every 3 – 5 days – otherwise it starts acting up. It just needs to go through the shutdown and start up process, it doesn’t freeze or require a hard reset.
– Occasionally the system will hiccup and be unresponsive to scrolling or input.
:-The screen is a little too sensitive to touch and will sometimes register the electric field of your finger when it is very very close to, but not touching the screen

This is where the Yoga tablet blows every other tablet I’ve used out of the water and it all is thanks to the folding hinge/stand which in practice proves to be much more versatile and stable than expected. “Yoga” was definitely an appropriate choice to name this device. The screen is able to achieve a surprising range of angles where you are still able to poke at the screen without supporting the back and is stable on everything from knees to bed tops to chair arms. I’ve also been using the stand in open mode for holding the tablet in landscape mode which offers up different options when lying in bed. The beefy spine is also handy (pun alert) for holding the tablet in portrait mode. In all I’ve found the Yoga tablet to be much easier to hold than any other whether I’m standing, sitting, laying, or walking about.

+ MICRO USB PORT – No more having to use the old type of (non standard) USB charger/cable that the Tab 2 line had. However, this tablet requires a 2 AMP USB Charger to charge the tablet so it will not charge on a standard 1 AMP (phone charger) as I tried and only the 2 AMP one will work. This tablet uses the same Micro 2 AMP type of chargers that the Galaxy Note 8 uses.

Product Group




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250 hundredths-inches

In all though I still love(d) my Yoga tablet so much that I bought another to replace the one that was stolen out of my car since first writing this review.

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Great Eastern Entertainment

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+ WiFi Connecting/Speed of WiFi – Setting up WiFi and keeping a great signal and long distance WiFi strong signal is one superb feature on this tablet. So I compared the signal strength with the Tab 3 vs my regular Android phone. The Tab 3 had about 35% stronger signal then the phone. I believe it is because there is a very strong WiFi receiver in this tablet. At home or on the road, I am able to connect to many free WiFi hotspots very easily with great signal strength.
****Do you need to know how to get on the internet when you are out of a WiFi range? Ask me about this as I have written an article on how to do this using a MiFi type of service from different service providers (please ask in the comment section for more info).

– Just one con/concern: New Adobe Flash is not supported, however, I found that archived flash gets the online videos to play and they even play in the stock browser. So I downloaded the older archived flash which gives me the ability to view many internet videos. If you need instructions, just ask me in the comments and I will answer.

+ Camera – The 5MP rear camera on this Tab 3 8.0 has improved over the Tab 2 line. There is no flash on the camera, yet there are several helpful modes to enhance your shots. For me, I use Auto mode. And I tried the camera and video and was happily surprised in the quality – it is pretty good. However, I will continue to use my regular camera for serious picture taking and videos.

+ Music Player/Sound Quality – Stock player has clear sound through the outside “speakers” are really OK. Better with good quality headphones or a BlueTooth Speaker. To sync easily with Windows Media Player may I suggest the Playstore app free called WinAmp for the tablet as it is very highly rated and the sound is SUPERB!

+ Internet/Watching Online Flash Videos: After I installed Adobe Archived Flash I can watch internet (flash) videos directly.Because this is archived flash it does take a little longer to load flash videos. If you need instructions on how to do this, please ask in the comments and I will answer this or any questions.
*Viewing of webpages in browsers on this tablet: Reading/viewing a webpage is OUTSTANDING using this tablet as the fonts, pictures and videos are very crisp and clear as well as the colors are very vivid.

Good quality materials were used, and sewn perfectly. I recommend.

+ Reading/Creating/Editing Word, Excel, Text Files and much more on this tablet: This comes with a OK app for reading Office documents, however, I prefer Kingsoft Office which is a free app from Playstore. It is the best I have ever tried and I am very picky about so called Office programs. It is very compatible with MS Office as it reads, edits and creates Office files and reads PDF files, and it has more features of any other Android Office program that I tried. This app is a MUST have for tablet owners in my opinion.




Item Dimensions – Height

Quapty materials

+ OTG USB Compatible – You can add an optional OTG (On the Go Micro USB adapter cable to the Micro port for copying files to your flash drive and from your flash drive to the Tab 3). I already had one from my Note I and it works great on the Tab. You can also plug in a mouse, I tried it and it worked. *Note that portable external hard drives and portable DVD/CD drives will not work using OTG in the Tab 3 as I discovered when I tried to read my hard disks via OTG in the Tab 3. However, it is still good to know that you can easily plug in your flash drive and copy files to the Tab 3 and from Tab 3 to PC–what a time-saver.

In my opinion the Dolby Atmos does enhance the sound and the speakers sound best above about 40% volume. As a few other reviewers mentioned there is a slight buzz from the speakers at very low volume levels, but I was able to fiddle with the Dolby Atmos settings to at least minimize (but not eliminate) the problem to where I could ignore it. I also only noticed this at the first 2-3 volume levels.

+ Battery Life- Excellent, so far, however, this is what I have found: When I am on WiFi, I go to the websites I need and then as soon as I am done (reasonable time), I exit the browser (or YouTube, etc) and TURN OFF WiFi. However, I run my brightness at 100%. So this seems to keep the battery going longer. *In addition, I have found that my battery life is improved over the Tab 2 7.0 and the Tab 2 10.1.

This zippo is polished brass, with the jack daniels emblem stuck on

#1 misconception about these emblem zippos, they might look like the design is engraved on the zippo, but it is actually just a polished brass zippo with a metal emblem glued on, so in this case, the jack daniels logo is a metal engraved peice of metal thats glued onto the lighter, its quite obvious in real life

nevertheless, it’s still a great lighter, the emblem is quite weighty, so dont expect it to stand up by itself or the lightest breeze will knock it over

Also the insert on the inside that contains the actual lighter mechanism is brass, so its a cool match.

Tip: take the insert and switch it with a lighter that uses a chrome insert and it will have nice contrast

Overall, the glue seems to be some sort of epoxy, strong stuff, so its pretty durable, just dont try to hit the emblem off. Nice gift for any smoker/non smoker/ dad

The Yoga 3 Plus is perfectly capable of handling your basic streaming and web surfing needs. I’m not a huge gamer but the ones I’ve tried run smoothly and start quickly. All apps in general start fast and run smoothly. I did notice that some apps aren’t compatible with the tablet, the most disappointing of which was WhatsApp. I haven’t benchmarked the tablet but the experience is fluid and I haven’t been particularly annoyed by any glaring flaws.

+ Screenshots: There is no ICON for screenshots, however, to take a quick screenshot, hold down home button and power button (at the same time), and then it will take a beautiful screenshot. You can find your screenshot in MyFiles, Internal Storage, Pictures, and Screenshots. I use this sometimes for a map on the internet it saves time and this way it is SAVED for later viewing when I am offline.

+ Bluetooth Speed and Performance – The Bluetooth paired quickly with several devices as well as Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth Stereo Headsets, Bluetooth speakers (all I tried) and copied files at a great rate of speed. SUPERB and FAST Bluetooth.

Lenovo has a winner on their hands with the aptly named Yoga tablets. With its innovative built in stand, tremendous battery life, beautiful display and immersive sound the Yoga Tablet 3 10” Plus ticks all the right boxes at the right price. Don’t let a few minor issues distract you from an otherwise amazingly well thought out device as Lenovo simply has Samsung and Apple beat when it comes to a tablet that flexible enough for use anywhere in the house you might go.

+ About the new Kit Kat Update (Coming soon to Tab 3 8.0 Tablets): Some of you may be want this update automatically, some of you may not, so if you have NOT decided about upgrading then you are going to need to STOP the tablet or phone from AUTO UPGRADING for you! It will try to auto update to the new OS as soon as it rolls out from the factory, your provider etc…. That is unless you decide to stop this and do the upgrade when you are ready MANUALLY. (Ask me more about this in the comments if you need to do so)…

+ SCREEN SIZE IS JUST RIGHT SIZE – VERY CLEAR/SHARP SCREEN FOR READING eBooks or VIEWING WEBPAGES. (Screen in my opinion is large and has superb clarity/clearness for reading eBooks and webpages as the print is so readable as I find it VERY CLEAR/VIVID. This is a great in-between size tablet to use. And I found that the screen was large enough to read webpages easily or watch videos. The screen has a PPI (pixels per inch) of 189, which renders a crisp and clear screen. **There is a new selection under Settings and Display, under Font, an option to Increase legibility of fonts. I check marked this and noticed that the fonts/letters on the screen, internet and more are very crystal clear. Also, there is in Settings/Display – Screen Mode, with choices of Dynamic, Standard and Movie. And I selected Dynamic and found that the colors are super vivid and very colorful.

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