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I just received the Borg-Q today and boy is it amazing! The package came on time and the packaging was one of the best I have ever seen. It took me know time to set it up. All I had to do was plug and play. I’ve already tried out a few of my favorite games and they work smoothly. Hopefully I will get to download a couple other games and give this bad boy a real test. I would recommend this computer and Cyberton PC products to anyone who would listen!


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1200 hundredths-inches
20″x60″ inch
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I’ve had this laptop 6 months now, and I can confirm more than ever that it’s one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. Endless problems from day one and even a few surprisingly decent tech support experiences couldn’t redeem this disaster.



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I never have these sorts of problems. I can make a laptop last forever but it’s got to be quality to start with and you have to be able to use it. I made a mistake here assuming that a $1500 laptop was going to be better than the $500 HP I’ve had for nearly a decade now. But no, this XPS has me ready to pull an Office Space, take it out into a field and beat it with a baseball bat; at least then I’d get some use out of it.

About two weeks ago I tried to turn on my XPS and it was dead. No warning signs, nothing. This product seemed defective out of the box and it seemed a fitting conclusion. I will say that after contacting Dell support, they were pretty good about getting a new motherboard replaced in the XPS quickly.

My last problem with this thing is the SPEAKERS.They are so tiny sounding. It is ridiculous. I do not know how they let that happen when making the computer. I have to hook it up to a bluetooth speaker because it is that quiet. I think it is designed for people who are going to be working on it in coffee shops and do not want to disturb people around them. But I like to jam out to my tunes and this just does not cut it for me.

Crafted with care and pride in China BODY PILLOW NOT INCLUDED

All in all, this is less of a laptop and more of a portable desktop tower that you can move around and plug into better external peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor). Working with it has been a pain, and it stands between you and your work rather than enabling you. I can’t think of a single type of user for which this would be a good laptop choice – maybe someone who likes big screens to watch DVDs on, and only that. For everyone else, get a different laptop.

I am a student and my needs for performance are very specific. To me it does meet those needs because it is very fast and efficient. The SSD is the ultimate upgrade and should be a standard in all computers now a days. The screen is a little different than I am used to – it is matte. No glare, but makes the picture look out of focus,grainy….Contrary to what Amazon says, it did come with Windows 10 on it, not Windows 8 (Thank Goodness) Performance wise, this computer is amazing.

And that would be great, if it’d fixed the problem. But it didn’t. The computer now boots up, but only about half the time. So strike three and back on the merry-go-round of endless technological woe.

I won’t go into too long of details, but I received this laptop new and already out of the box the audio didn’t work. After several days scouring the web for any kind of help on what felt like an issue exclusive to me, I found some help with Dell support. Though, they could only seem to remedy the problem by installing some weird work-around version of windows on my laptop; strike one. The audio should work out of the box and should be an easy fix, otherwise you’ve sold a defective product.

Super satisfied with this unit. Very light weight, large screen, speedy, numeric keyboard, etc

Anyway, the computer is extremely light and thin and it looks great. Just wish it did not have fingerprints everywhere.

Zippered on Both Ends for Easy Fit

200 hundredths-inches

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56 hundredths-pounds


bedding gift
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I took off one star because the material is slightly less well-constructed than I had hoped. It certainly rivals the other common-brand kids’ clothing lines, and the price is great, but it isn’t superior quality fabric, which would have bumped it up to five stars.

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bedding gift

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Package Dimensions – Weight


56 hundredths-pounds
My son refuses to take them off! They are snug fit pajamas we purchased to replace a more common-brand kid’s clothing line that grew too loose on the bottoms after a number of washes. I have washed these three times and they still look brand new. The pants have an extra rear panel sewn into them for comfort, and the shirt has an adorable embroidered lawnmower. I was hesitant to buy them because I was unfamiliar with the brand, but I would buy more products from the same brand in the future.

Second, the ergonomics of the design are deeply flawed. The keyboard is uncomfortable. You’re going to hate working on this thing. The keys are too low and awkward to type on. They are also of poor quality, since one of my keys broke off with the hinge and had to be replaced. The only thing good about the keyboard is that it has its own numerical pad. Every now and then the touchpad will detect movement while you type and completely throw you off. IBM’s 2000s ThinkPad laptops had keyboards that are much better to type on, if you need a reference point.

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900 hundredths-inches

The computer I bought was the Asus Zenbook UX305FA “used – very good” from Amazon Warehouse Deals. The box that the computer came in had ZERO bubble wrap or protection. What you get is a manufacturers box with a computer in it, inside of an Amazon box that has some measly brown paper inside. The outer box was completely SMASHED when I got it, with holes in it. I was worried that the computer would be damaged and to my surprise it was not. The computer came in original box and to me I would have not known if it was brand new or used, all the original stickers,etc were still on the computer. I will buy a used item from Amazon Warehouse Deals again because I saved a few bucks and if you didn’t tell me it was used before I would not have known. It is a risk, but I will take it for 100 dollars in savings.

Edit: It has been about two years since I have bought this computer. Looking back I wish I would have made my own computer but I knew nothing about building computers at the time. For anyone who is reading this I suggest go out an build your own. I calculated the parts that were put into this PC and it was only about $300. I spent $537 in total on this PC. They are charging $237 just to put the PC together!! If your just looking to plug and play then this is for you. If you actually want to save money take the time to build your own and learn about computers. I am currently in the process of building a $1300 computer and it is an amazing investment!


While the internal specifications of the laptop are pretty good, the ergonomics of it are absolutely terrible. First of all, it’s big and heavy, at nearly 3kg. This is one laptop you can’t actually have on your lap because of its dimensions. It almost comically resembles those bulky ’80s laptops in size compared to the other working laptops you’ll see in a room. It will add significant weight to your backpack, if you’ve ever wanted to burn those calories. If you need mobility or like working on the tube this isn’t the laptop for you.

These are great. My son attends OUTDOOR PRESCHOOL in WA. I purchased these at the same time with another popular brand for comparison. On the days of true downpour or playing in a creek there is a huge difference between the Oakiwear and the other brand. His base layers stay dry with OAKIWEAR pants vs soaked when wearing the other brand.

Easy Care, machine wash and dry

My biggest problem with the design is that the trackpoint or pointing stick in the middle of the keyboard is useless. This isn’t a usable trackpoint like on the ThinkPads, oh no. It’s buried somewhere in the keys so you’ll accidentally hit them, and the stick is barely responsive, moving the mouse at a sluggish pace. It makes me wonder whether they actually tested this thing before shipping because it’s unusable. It’s not even a nub or stick, more of a small elevation in the keyboard surface. This will force you to use the trackpad, which, if you like using trackpoints like I do, is pretty much torture.


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I could simply be unlucky here, but this is my honest review based on my personal experience with the laptop and coupled with the fact that I have a Dell 4k monitor I bought in June that now has issues of it’s own, I’m not gambling on another Dell product. 1/5 stars.

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My biggest concern with this computer is the casing. This computer looks disgusting after you use it once. COVERED in fingerprints and smudges. I wish some one would have reviewed that before I bought it because it annoys me so much. The hinge on this computer falls forward when I lean forward… that also bothers me!

For the price this computer should have a backlit keyboard feature. I really would have liked that, and am considering exchanging this one so I can have that. The only problem is it is nearly 200 dollars more for the next version of Asus that has it.

It has been very good
he loves them

This “fix” ended up making the already disappointingly slow XPS feel that much worse. I felt like my 7 year old HP was running circles around this thing. Needless to say, that’s NOT what you experience after spending $1500 hard-earned dollars on a new computer; strike two.

First off, I do game but not heavily. Perhaps 4 or 5 hours a week. I code for fun, and wanted to get into VR and needed an upgrade as a laptop is insufficent. I have a hardware engineering background but far enough removed from pc building I dont consider myself very knowledgeable about component specifications.

Its only been 2 weeks but I wanted to post a picture of the guts for others. I wanted more specifics when I purchased than was offered so I hope it helps.

I personally don’t like over the top ubergamer space marine carbon fiber pc design. The omen is more subtle, there are red leds that glow its surroundings. You can disconnect them if they bother you, they kind of grew on me though. Also the built in handle at the top is handy for moving the computer around. The quick release of the side panel is handy as well.

Thermal Qualities:
HP engineers thought through the thermal design well. The fans are more than sufficent, the vents are also sufficent. We have the gpu and cpu fans blowing into a central area at the top where heat rises. Large fan at the top blows it out, another fan on the bottom brings in cooler air. Its quiet and I dont feel like ill need to upgrade fans or heatsinks. Im not overclocking and after moderate use ill see temps get up to around 58-62 degrees centigrade. Once I actually am compiling vr in godot it may need some liquid cooling if I see temps get much higher but for now I am not concerned.

2x 8GB 2666MHz with two more slots. Nothing to write home about. Sufficent for most but I will be upgrading to 32GB soon.

The PM961 is fast. Much faster than what im used to. 256GB is whats advertised but you end up with 237GB out of the box due to samsungs partitioning which seems excessive. Toshiba 1TB hard drive is okay, 7200RPM. I just use for backups. The extra hard drive slots on the top are handy although I may never use them.

This is my first AMD cpu since the atholon. The PC hums along like butter. The omen command center allows you to overclock and is one of the pieces of bloatware I decided to keep.

One year of McAfee antivirus free. Im okay with that. This coming from a major manufacturer, of course you are going to get a bunch of useless proprietary software. All of it useless except for the omen command center, hp pc hardware diagnostics software, and (shamefully) hp support assistant.

Omen software center is handy for system utilization and cpu overclocking.

Hp diagnostics displays system info and provides system stress tests and performance tests. I like this only because I can track component degradation over time. Great way to see if you’re about to run into problems.

Hp support assistant is the bloatiest of bloatwares. Basically, it combines your warranty info, support services, component updates, and a bunch of other handy features. Yes, you can get this info other ways but I am a lazy coward and like having it all in one place.

The rest can be removed.

Also be prepared for a couple hours worth of updates when you first boot up.

Ill keep updating as I think of other relevant info or due to a traggic system wide failure.

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