Chef’s Planet Glass Oil Decanter and Cruet 32 Ounces,reacher grabber tool,2 door dog crate

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– display is too dim and doesn’t have the best color accuracy for IPS
– don’t waste your time buying the option with the 5400rpm storage drive like i did, it’s just far too slow
– keyboard isn’t great

These briefs are fantastic! They are super soft with no uncomfortable elastic band nor pesky seam in front. They also hold up nicely wash after wash. Based on reviews to upsize, two years ago I bought, my then 5-year-old son, a size 8. They were a tad big but lasted two years. I just purchased a size 16 for my now 7-year-old. They are a bit big (and would have been fine with a size 12-14), but he is happy and these will last awhile. And lasting awhile is important when you’re shelling out $23 for three pairs! For reference, my son wears a size 8 in pants and is thicker than most boys his age.


50 hundredths-pounds

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Makes a really nice gift for anyone on any occasion

-pretty much what everyone is saying, amazing performance for the price
no brainer to buy this instead of building a mid-high range gaming rig due to volatile graphics card market. Buying a desktop GTX 1060 6GB will cost you about 60% of the cost of this laptop.
– Max-Q technology. This makes the 1060 about 15-20% slower than the full sized desktop version but it only uses 60 watts. NEVER overheats.
– m.2 boot
– does not look like a gaming laptop, can bring it to work

HP ProDesk 600 G3 – SFF – 1 x Core i7 7700/3.6 GHz – RAM 8 GB – HDD 1…


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570 hundredths-inches
Chef’s Planet
Chef’s Planet


Chef’s Planet


Display: 4.5/5 Bright, Accurate & Well-saturated Colors, Glossy but fights glare, Clear.
Sound: 5/5 Loud and clear. Sounds even better than a MBP 15
Keyboard: 5/5 As good as the old keyboard in Macbooks
Touchpad: 4.5/5 Glass, Good size, solid & Precision drivers works well. (Make sure to put High Sensitivity in Settings). Tapping it sometimes give you a feeling that its kind of loose. But most of the time and when your clicking it.. its very solid. As good as a Mac touchpad actually.
Battery: 3/5 Six to Eight Hours. I personally don’t need more than this so its not an issue for me

present for my son. Color were really nice. Lighter worked well.

My only gripe is the lack of battery management. Most laptops have a utility in BIOS or an app that can set a battery charging limit.
I like to keep my laptop plugged in the AC cause I always use for all my computing needs. Having have to use it on battery all the time will only make discharging it more frequently and will then shorten the battery lifespan. If there is a way to set the charhing limit to about 80%, this laptop will be PERFECT.
Chef’s Planet


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450 hundredths-inches


Chef’s Planet



450 hundredths-inches

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Really like these New Balance shirts. Kids ar happy, I’m happy.
2018 HP Flagship Premium Business Chromebook | 14″ HD (1366 x 768)…




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I know the i5 version is cheapest, and I have to admit it performs very well. I can’t help but think I am a little foolish for not shelling out the very small extra amount for the i7 16GB version.
90 Days

pout designed to give perfect pour every time; employs built-in collar to catch drips, so no messy rings on counter or table

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980 hundredths-inches


Excellent Value

This is my second Surface Pro – I had the Surface Pro 2 128MB model and liked it enough to move to the Surface Pro 3 – 256 GB with the Intel i7 – wanted the smaller form factor, more powerful processor and use it a true table + laptop replacement. My quick verdict – I use the system for Java development and I like the machine – it is fast and powerful like a laptop would be. I have added a 64 GB Micro SD card and it is very slow – not sure if this is just the card or the I/O on the expansion port. It is noticeably slower than the on-board SSD (as expected) but it is bordering on “terrible”. Granted that it is doing a lot of IO, but with numerous small files that get written and updated often – this doesn’t perform well in this set up. I have also see/found that removing files is REALLY bad/terrible and I am assuming that this is the Windows 8.1 “genius” OS trying to ensure that there is some form of background recovery of the files possible – compiling and removing Java classes is not what the OS is built for.

I have my reservations on the full tablet mode use of this machine. The Windows 8.1 applications are terrible. The same vendors making stable, web or native Windows apps have a lot of problems with the Windows 8.1 environment: Evernote (can’t stay up for more than 15 sec), Keeper Security (10 secs before a crash). The only one that works and works consistently – Netflix (a great entertainment application, but Netflix runs on a number of other systems/tablets/laptop without issue, so it is not justification for buying this Surface Pro 3 with one working “tablet mode”.

Like the pen – but had some issues with the pairing with Bluetooth.

Holds up to 32 ounces (10″ x 4.5″); safe to clean in the dishwasher



570 hundredths-inches


Coming from the XPS 13 FHD, I immediately noticed the build quality being better.
It actually has the best build quality among all Windows laptops I’ve seen.
The keyboard is like 10 times better than my XPS.
I did notice the relatively low contrast but still very good 900+. XPS 13 has like 1500 so…
But this one is much brighter.
Performance is about the same but feels a bit snappier.. all that without FANS. Amazing!
And the 3:2 aspect ratio on a 13 inch device makes all the sense in the world. It’s hard to go back to 16:9 unless on a big monitor.

Designed with break-resistant borosipcate glass, the pourer is as sturdy as it is lovely

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